Pre-competitive swimmings

“Swimming is not easy but it is worth the efforts!”

Pre-competitive swimming lessons:

Swimming is a living talent and all throughout life, a person can enhance his skills of swimming. The program of pre-competitive swimming is customized for all those who want to learn strokes, skills of speed swimming, finishes and starts for progressing to the competitive stream. For being the part of pre-competitive swimming, the requirement from swimmers is the ability to swim freestyle for25 yards and that too without any halt. The swimmers interested to join these lessons must have the ability of deepwater jumping as well. 4 competitive strokes basics are taught to the swimmers such as backstroke, freestyle, butterfly, and breaststroke, etc. For all those who are new to swimming or are not in practice for long should join this program for the preparation of a competitive team.

Get pre-competitive swimming lessons with double time swimming club in Toronto, We offer Pre-competitive swim clinics for children and adults. Our Pre-competitive program will add skills needed for any swimming competition. This class is meant for our swimmers that want to prepare to join a swim team at a very young age. our competitive program teaches solid stroke mechanics and race skills in a fun and non-stressful environment. Students will be taught the backstroke, freestyle, breaststroke, and butterfly in a progressive manner.

Our coaching sessions are designed to meet you or your kid’s individual competitive swimming goals.

For a detailed list of skills and more thorough description of each level, tap on each link to read more below.

Training lessons for adults:

All the adults who are looking forward to refining their swimming skills can join the pre-competitive sessions. In the lessons, they will get to learn the advanced skills such as butterfly, backstroke, etc. along with competitive skills such as plunging and turns while the efficiency of strokes is enhanced and their stamina is trained. Development is promoted by these levels via experience and learning in the prearranged competitions. In the lessons of conditioning swim, two levels are there: Advanced and Intermediate. The swimming ability for intermediate must be 50s and 100s of all the strokes while it is 200/400/300 IMs for advanced.

Before the commencement of classes in which pre-competitive lessons are started, the presentation skills of the swimmers are checked so as to find whether the basic required strokes for pre-competitive training is known to them or not. All these assessments as well as the complete training schedule is conducted under the supervision of a skilled, professional and experienced trainer who can help learners to advance further.